How to Choose the Best Testosterone Injection

If you are seeking a quick way to boost your testosterone levels, a testosterone injection might be right for you. But there are a few things you should keep in mind before choosing the right type of testosterone injection. Propionate injections are notoriously painful, while cypionate and enanthate are both more potent and have fewer side effects. You should also consider your personal preferences before making the decision, since different types of testosterone injections have different side effects.

The best place to inject testosterone is in the upper-outer quadrant of the butt cheek, near the hip. Push the plunger up to remove any air bubbles. Next, push the needle straight into muscle. If it goes in a vein, the plunger needs to be withdrawn and reinserted. Once the injection is complete, clean the injection site with a sterile alcohol pad and gently massage the injected area with a fingertip to ensure proper absorption.

Another consideration is how often the injection is given. Testosterone enanthate is more commonly injected subcutaneously, but many people find that it is painful and causes lumps. Other problems with testosterone enanthate include poor patient compliance, high cost, and difficulty getting the drug in the body. If the doctor is certain you need testosterone injections, he can prescribe the correct dosage for you. However, you must remember that testosterone enanthate can cause unpleasant side effects and is not a good option if you are not confident in your ability to take the drug.

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