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What Happens When a Car Hits You From the Sides?

The question “What happens when a car hits you from the sides?” may have crossed your mind, but few people really understand the ramifications of such an accident. These collisions are particularly dangerous because the occupants of the car are largely exposed. Because side doors and windows do not have a protective layer like the front, side collisions can result in much more severe injuries than the front or rear of the car.

The majority of side collision accidents occur at an intersection. A reckless driver does not stop at a red light and proceeds to speed into oncoming traffic hertube. The resulting T-bone collision can cause devastating injuries, and can even be deadly, as the driver’s brain is jarred and neck muscles are stretched. Side collisions are also known as rear-end crashes, and can occur when a car tries to pass another vehicle.

In addition to injuries on the body, side impact collisions also cause extensive damage to the car. The most common injuries are whiplash and concussions. However, injuries on the limbs, shoulders, and arms are also common, and head trauma is especially common. In severe cases, passengers on the unstruck side of a car can sustain chest and limb injuries, as the upright pillar behind the front door may be hit by the other car

When it comes to proving fault in a sideswipe accident, the best evidence will come from eyewitness testimony. Unfortunately, police officers may not be able to obtain eyewitness information. If you are seriously injured, someone else should be handling the investigation. You must not do this yourself. So, it is best to have someone else do these things for you. It is important to remember that there are no guarantees in a side-swipe accident case, so make sure to get a third party who will do it for you.

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